Adam Hurren Case Study

Adam Hurren Case Study

Meet Adam Hurren, a dedicated individual with a diverse background. Starting his career as a ‘Warfare Specialist’ in the Royal Navy, Adam’s responsibilities revolved around the Radar and Gunner systems. Today, he is a valued member of the INFRA Skills team, contributing to the rail training sector. Let’s explore Adam’s journey and his significant role in the industry.

Adam’s Background and Achievements

After completing his schooling, Adam enlisted in the Royal Navy, where he excelled as a ‘Warfare Specialist.’ During his time in the service, he proudly represented the Royal Navy Sports Teams and achieved success in various sports, notably basketball. Adam played at the National Level (GB) and even had the opportunity to compete for the combined services team in the UK and the USA. He also gained coaching qualifications and experience, continuing to play basketball at a Semi-Pro level.

Transition to the Rail/Civils Sector

Seeking a new challenge after leaving the Royal Navy, Adam found himself drawn to the rail/civils sector. With the help of his older brother, Gavin Hurren, who worked in the Resourcing Department of RSS Infrastructure, Adam secured his first opportunity with the company by doing security shifts. Over the past decade, he has dedicated himself to the railway industry, making significant progress in his rail career. Recently, Adam joined INFRA Skills, where he further expanded his qualifications and skills through various training courses.

Adam’s Role at INFRA Skills

Within INFRA Skills, Adam holds the position of a NSAR qualified PTS Trainer. Moreover, he has taken on the additional responsibility of being an Induction Presenter at the BBV Induction Centre. As the Lead Presenter for almost a year, Adam played an integral part in establishing the Induction Centre and Course, which all individuals must complete when working on the Area North section of the HS2 projects. Adam’s approach to presenting the BBV inductions is to make them enjoyable and engaging while emphasizing the significance of everyone’s role in contributing to the UK’s biggest construction project, HS2.

Future Plans and INFRA Skills’ Impact

Looking ahead, Adam aspires to become an IQA Manager. He understands that this path requires extensive training to become an Assessor, followed by gaining an IV qualification. Pursuing this avenue will equip him with comprehensive knowledge about running and maintaining a successful training provider business, an area that greatly interests him. Working at INFRA Skills provides Adam with valuable experience and opportunities to achieve his future goals.


Adam Hurren’s journey from the Royal Navy to the rail training industry showcases his dedication and passion for his work. With a strong background and a drive for continuous growth, Adam is a valuable asset to the INFRA Skills team. His story serves as an inspiration to those looking to transition and excel in new career paths.

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