Apprenticeship Success Story: Jake Neal-Brown

Jake Case Study

Jake Neal-Brown’s remarkable journey from plumbing to the world of rail engineering is a testament to the power of apprenticeship programs. In this success story, we explore Jake’s experiences, his career progression, and the valuable skills he acquired along the way.

Embracing a New Opportunity

Originally training to become a plumber, Jake Neal-Brown stumbled upon a unique opportunity—an apprenticeship in Level 2 Rail Engineering with INFRA Skills. Despite never considering a career in the railway industry, Jake was inspired by the experiences of others in the sector, which encouraged him to delve deeper into the program.

Expanding Knowledge and Skill Set

Enrolling in the apprenticeship provided Jake with a comprehensive understanding of the railway system. Through a combination of theoretical learning and practical shifts on track, he gained the necessary knowledge and hands-on experience to continually progress in his career. The program opened doors for Jake to work on various projects across the UK, including the GWEP project on the Great Western Railway (GWR), where he contributed to the installation of overhead line equipment.

Transitioning into a New Career

Upon completing his apprenticeship, Jake felt confident and ready to embark on his new career. The extensive training and mentoring he received over the past year equipped him with valuable experience. Jake’s dedication and passion for the industry led him to acquire certifications such as COSS, Lookout, Level Crossing Attendant, Points Operative, and Safe Work Leader 1 over the next five years.

From Apprentice to Trainer

Jake’s journey didn’t stop there. He applied for a trainee trainer position within INFRA Skills, which marked a significant milestone in his career. After completing his Level 3 Award in Adult Education and Training (AET) and undergoing mentorship, Jake became qualified to train others in Personal Track Safety Initial (PTS). With guidance from experienced trainers, he achieved certification as a qualified National Skills Academy for Rail (NSAR) Accredited trainer for PTS AC Initial.

A Growing Skill Set

Since joining INFRA Skills, Jake has continued to enhance his skill set. In addition to his expertise in rail engineering, he has obtained certifications in First Aid at Work competency, Protection Controller (PC), and Safe Work Planner (SWP). Jake has also expanded his teaching capabilities, delivering various in-house training courses offered by INFRA Skills, including Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Training, Urban Traffic Marshal, Face Fit, and various Small Tools.

Future Aspirations

Jake’s ambitions extend further as he aims to pass assessments to teach OLEC1, DCCR, and Track Induction. By continually updating his training knowledge and seeking guidance from mentors, Jake aims to excel in teaching safety-critical competencies. His commitment to personal growth and dedication to the industry make him an asset to the INFRA Skills team.

Recognizing Jake’s Achievements

Steve Cox, Head of Training, acknowledges Jake’s outstanding qualities, emphasizing his excellent teamwork, strong work ethic, and diverse skill set. From the initial interview, Jake’s fit within the team was evident. His knowledge of the sector, friendly teaching approach, and professionalism have garnered positive feedback from staff, clients, and learners alike. The rapid progress Jake has made in his new role reflects his potential for continued growth and development.


Jake Neal-Brown’s apprenticeship success story serves as an inspiration to aspiring professionals in the rail industry. By seizing opportunities, embracing challenges, and continually expanding his skill set, Jake has built a successful career in rail engineering. His dedication and determination are a testament to the valuable impact of apprenticeship programs in shaping individuals’ futures.

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