Team Auctus Complete Pedal To Paris 2021

Pedal To Paris 2021

Team Auctus completed the Pedal To Paris 2021 challenge on Sunday 6th September 2021. The team included Richard Toy, Sean Harrison, Andrew Coates, John Handley, Martin Benson, Simon Capper, Graham Talbot, John McDonough, Steve Broadfield and Ryan Spence. The premier cycling event was hosted by The Royal British Legion charity, to coincide with their 100 […]

Team Auctus Unveil Official Team Jersey

Team Auctus, comprised of employees from Auctus Management Group and subsidiary companies RSS Infrastructure and INFRA Skills, is less than a month away from completing the 460-kilometre Pedal To Paris cycling charity event for the third year. This year’s team consists of the largest number of riders to date, and will feature: Richard Toy, Sean Harrison, Andrew Coates, […]

Group Receives Armed Forces Covenant Gold Award

Armed Forces Covenant gold Award

Auctus Management Group Ltd and its subsidiary businesses, RSS Infrastructure Ltd and INFRA Skills Ltd are honoured to announce they have been awarded the Armed Forces Covenant Gold Award. From 22nd August 2019, Auctus Management Group Ltd along with 100 employers were recognised by Defence Minister Ben Wallace for their outstanding support for the Armed […]

Pedal To Paris Sponsors Announced

Pedal to Paris Sponsors

Team Auctus is excited to announce this year’s Official Pedal To Paris sponsors, who are featured on the team jersey and are some of the team’s direct clients and suppliers. Auctus Management Group Ltd and its subsidiary businesses; RSS Infrastructure Ltd and INFRA Skills Ltd have yet again assembled a small team to take on […]

INFRA Skills shows support for Armed Forces

Armed Forces

INFRA Skills is proud to support the Armed Forces through the Armed Forces Covenant as part of the Auctus Management Group. On November 11th, 2018, the centenary of World War One came to a close, and with it, we were reminded of the challenges that many of those who had served had as they returned […]