CAT and Genny (Group)

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1 Day

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The CAT and Genny course is a health and safety training programme designed to instruct operators and supervisors on the detection of underground services using cable avoidance methods. Within a single day, attendees will be equipped with the skills to use the Cable Avoidance Tool (CVAT) and the Signal Generator (Genny) safely and efficiently.
CAT and Genny (Group) with INFRA Skills
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Aims & Objectives

This course is tailored to ensure participants can:

  • Adhere to the HSG 47 guidelines when avoiding hazards from underground services.
  • Safely operate a cable and pipe detector.
  • Identify underground services using cable avoidance tools.
  • Utilise ground-penetrating radar to pinpoint any compromised underground services.
  • Comprehend plans for gas, electricity, water, and telecom services.
  • Understand utility service guidelines.
  • Update schematics with any identified services.
  • Be familiar with the pertinent PPE requirements.


This course, suitable for groups of up to 8, combines classroom-based learning with practical demonstrations. If there is a requisite number of participants, INFRA Skills offers the flexibility to conduct the training in-house. The certification attained post-course is valid for three years. Attendees are advised to bring waterproof clothing, safety boots, a high-visibility jacket, and a safety helmet.

INFRA Skills Course Requirements
Course Completion and Sentinel Upload

On Completion

When applicable, once you successfully complete your course or assessment, a member of our staff will update your competency in the Sentinel system. You can order your Sentinel smart cards directly from Sentinel at Please note that this will incur an additional cost which you will be responsible for covering.

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