Permit Acceptors

Course Type: Class

Duration: 1 day

Cost : £100


The Permit Acceptors course will cover several types of work permits: Hot Work Permits, Cold Work Permits, Confined Spaces Work Permits, Chemical Work Permits, Height Work Permit, and Excavation Permit. The goal is to ensure that any person in charge of issuing any permit-to-work is competent and fully aware of the job’s requirements, as well as the safety measures that workers must follow. They should also be familiar with any necessary emergency measures, such as rescue procedures.


The candidate will understand that a Permit-To-Work (PTW) system is a formal written system for safely controlling and executing certain sorts of potentially hazardous jobs. Delegates will know that a PTW is essential for identifying, communicating, mitigating, and managing risk to avoid accidents. It’s also a method for different departments, plant supervisors, operators, and contractors to communicate effectively. Permit to Work procedures are critical to the safety of frontline workers.


The Permit Acceptors course provides an overview of the permission to work (PTW) system’s role and function for all employees and the responsibilities of various participants, from site managers to frontline workers. The acceptor of a work permit is accountable for clearly explaining to the issuer the nature of the inherent risks associated with the task’s execution. The issuer can then analyse the identified risks to interact with the workforce or any plant being operated.

Course Dates

Permit Acceptors
Start Date26/05/2022
End Date26/05/2022
Course NameStart DateEnd DateLocationPricePlacesEnquiry
Permit Acceptors26/05/202226/05/2022Birmingham£100.0012Enquiry

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