Permit Acceptors

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1 Day

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The Permit Acceptors course offers comprehensive training on various work permits, including Hot Work, Cold Work, Confined Spaces, Chemical, Height, and Excavation Permits. It ensures that individuals responsible for issuing these permits are competent and fully informed about the job’s requirements, safety protocols, and any associated emergency measures.
Permit Acceptors with INFRA Skills
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Aims & Objectives

The primary objective is to instil a thorough understanding of the Permit-To-Work (PTW) system—a formalised system designed to manage and execute specific types of potentially hazardous jobs safely. Participants will grasp the importance of a PTW in identifying, communicating, mitigating, and managing risks to prevent accidents. This course will also highlight the significance of effective communication among departments, plant supervisors, operators, and contractors, underlining the pivotal role of Permit to Work procedures in safeguarding frontline workers. Additionally, learners will appreciate the responsibilities of permit acceptors in elucidating the inherent risks of tasks to permit issuers, facilitating a comprehensive risk analysis process.


Delegates should be proficient in the English language.

INFRA Skills Course Requirements
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