PTS and Track Induction

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10 Days

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This course encompasses three core elements: Personal Track Safety (PTS), DE Conductor Rail (DCCR), and Track Induction (TIC). The PTS Training is the foundational qualification for individuals aspiring to build a career within the Network Rail Infrastructure. It delves into AC, associated with overhead line workings, and is essential for those operating on or near the line within a proximity of 3 metres. The DCCR competency is a prerequisite for those aiming to work in regions of the Network Rail infrastructure fitted with a third rail, a supplementary rail that provides electric current. This is primarily prevalent in areas such as London, Mersey Rail, and the Northern City Limits. The Track Induction segment educates participants on tasks impacting the track’s geometry. It familiarises them with various work types and components utilised and executed on the Network Rail infrastructure.
PTS and Track Induction with INFRA Skills
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Aims & Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Accurately interpret pertinent sections of the Rule Book and the Track Safety Handbook, and grasp the relevant dimensions of the Sentinel Scheme.
  • Showcase their comprehension and capability to adhere to a secure work system set by their COSS.
  • Understand the principles of the DC Electrified system and identify its primary components.
  • Recognise hazards and risks when near the DC conductor rail and elucidate safe crossing and transiting methods for tools and equipment.
  • Spot defects rendering insulated tools unsuitable and discern hazards linked with working within DC isolations.
  • Detail safety protocols during work and emergencies and demonstrate the inspection of insulated tools before use.
  • Exhibit the proper techniques for applying and removing conductor rail shields, detecting faulty tools and shields, and navigating the conductor rail securely.
  • Explain the safe transit of tools, materials, and equipment within the DC electrified region.
  • Display competence in applying a Track Circuit Operating Clip and using tools and equipment efficiently.
  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of Permanent Way terms and procedures.


Participants should have a foundational knowledge of railway operations. While prior experience is not mandatory, familiarity with railway terms and safety protocols would be advantageous.

INFRA Skills Course Requirements
Course Completion and Sentinel Upload

On Completion

When applicable, once you successfully complete your course or assessment, a member of our staff will update your competency in the Sentinel system. You can order your Sentinel smart cards directly from Sentinel at Please note that this will incur an additional cost which you will be responsible for covering.

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