PTS Recertification (AC/DCCR)

Course Type: Class

Duration: 1 day

Cost : £155 per delegate


This course is for individuals that need to recertify their PTS AC/DCCR qualification, refreshing the individuals’ knowledge and assessing that they are still competent. This course is required once every 2 years to maintain the individual’s competence, it also allows them to be re-trained if any changes have been made to the competency.


The refresher course is aimed at existing PTS holders and will consist of a reassessment of knowledge in relation to Personal Safety on or near the line.


Upon successful completion of this course, your new competency will be uploaded to Sentinel by one of our administrators. Sentinel smart cards are ordered directly from Sentinel at (at your own cost).

PTS AC DCCR Recertification Course - INFRA Skills - Rail Safety-Critical Training & Assessments

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