Sharps and Needles

Course Type: Class

Duration: 0 days

Cost : £80


This Needles and Sharps training course teaches those working with needles and sharps how to use and dispose of them safely to reduce the likelihood of an injury. It outlines the risks associated with sharps use, as well as what practices should be avoided and the actions that should be taken in the event of an accident.


By the end of this course candidates will be able to:

  • Understand the risks posed by unsafe practices when using sharps.
  • Know who is at risk of sharps exposure.
  • Be aware of when workers might encounter sharps.
  • Know how to safely handle and dispose of sharps using best practices.
  • Understand the legal duties relating to the safe use of sharps.
  • Know what actions to take in the event of a sharps-related accident.

Emergency First Aid Sharps and Needles Course - INFRA Skills - Rail Safety-Critical Training & Assessments

Course Dates

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Sharps & Needles
Start Date15/08/2022
End Date15/08/2022
Sharps & Needles
Start Date30/08/2022
End Date30/08/2022
Course NameStart DateEnd DateLocationPricePlacesEnquiry
Sharps & Needles15/08/202215/08/2022Birmingham£80.0012Enquiry
Sharps & Needles30/08/202230/08/2022Birmingham£80.0012Enquiry

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