TW1 & TW2 Thermite Welding

Course Type: Class

Duration: 10 days

Cost : £4500


Thermite welding uses molten metal to permanently join iron or steel.
The TW1 & TW2 Thermite Welding course includes:
TW1 – SkV-E & F process – all rail profiles and grades, new and similar worn rail, oxy-propane and acetylene preheating.
TW2 – SkV-E & F process – all rail profiles and grades, new, similar and dissimilar worn rail and oxy-propane.
Supply of all relevant training equipment and course material is included.
You MUST have successfully completed an Assistant Welder course before undertaking this welding course.
Additional Costs: Travel and accommodation costs (if required) will apply when undertaking training and assessment on customers site. This will be quoted separately once location is confirmed. 


Upon successful completion of this course, your new competency will be uploaded to Sentinel by one of our administrators. Sentinel smart cards are ordered directly from Sentinel at (at your own cost).

TW1 TW2 Thermite Welding Course - INFRA Skills - Rail Safety-Critical Training & Assessments

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