DCCR Initial


The DCCR Initial competency is required if you wish to work on the Network Rail infrastructure where there is Third Rail present. Third Rail is an additional rail supplying electric current used in some electric railway systems, predominantly in London, Mersey Rail and the Northern City Limits.


After successfully completing the course you will be able to:

  • Describe the principles of the DC Electrified system
  • Identify the main components of the DC conductor rail system
  • Identify hazards associated with being near or adjacent to conductor rail
  • Describe how to cross the DC conductor rail safely
  • Describe how to transit tools and equipment safely across conductor rail
  • Describe defects that render insulated tools and equipment unfit for purpose
  • Identify hazards associated with working within DC isolations
  • Describe the work safe and emergency response procedures
  • Demonstrate how to inspect insulated tools before use
  • Demonstrate the correct application and removal of conductor rail shields
  • Identify defective tools and shields
  • Identify the three risk control areas as stated in NR/L3/MTC/EP0152
  • Demonstrate how to cross the conductor rail safely
  • How to safely transit tools, materials and equipment within the electrified area
  • Demonstrate how to apply a Track Circuit Operating Clip safely
DCCR Initial Course - INFRA Skills - Rail Safety-Critical Training & Assessments


Upon successful completion of this course, your new competency will be uploaded to Sentinel by one of our administrators. Sentinel smart cards are ordered directly from Sentinel at (at your own cost).

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