How Is Auctus Tackling Unemployment In The West Midlands

At Auctus we are aware of how socioeconomic factors can negatively impact on unemployment figures within a region. This ultimately, leads to bleak economic forecasts due to people not having enough disposable income to invest in commodities supplied by local high street stores.
This results in derelict buildings and an influx of pound, betting and charity shops which is not a sign of an economy doing well. The effect on the local economy is that councils will not have enough money to invest in healthcare, schools and infrastructure, which ultimately will compound the problem as businesses move out the area. Auctus Management Group have made it their mission to tackle this issue of an aging workforce and in a number of sectors youth unemployment.
The key to solving this skills crisis lies in not only increasing the amount of funding available to plug this skills gap within these industries but also in using the knowledge, experience and enthusiasm of workers currently working within the industry and using it to inspire young people to follow a path into the sector. This places the onus on businesses to provide real opportunities to the younger generation and provide them with meaningful experience that can enable them to grow and become the next generation of industry leaders. Auctus Apprentice Training Agency, a subsidiary of Auctus Management Group, over the last 2 years has been recruiting apprentices, aged 16 – 24 from the West Midlands, area to work on various big name projects such as the Network Rail High Output Track renewals, and Volker Fitzpatrick for the New Street Station gateway project. Supporting our youth development we also work closely with armed forces leaders, cross/up skilling candidates
into new sectors.

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