Armed Forces Week 2019: Tom Kennedy Case Study

As part of Armed Forces Week 2019, we spoke to Tom Kennedy to ask about leaving the military and adjusting to civilian life.

What Was Your Role Within The Armed Forces?

“I was a Lance Corporal Chef for 10 years during my time with the Armed Forces, I was stationed in the Officers Mess and had the privilege of being the private Chef for the barracks Colonel, Regimental Sergeant Major and Technical Quarter Master. During my time I learned a lot of essential skills that helped me effectively manage my team and also sharpened my organisational skills, which later proved very valuable with my rail career”.

What Are The Benefits of Joining The Reservists or Armed Forces?

“The Reservists are great for people who want to get a sample of what Army life is like, I know quite a few people who started off as a Reserve and then committed to having a successful career with the Armed Forces. I joined the Army when I was 18 years old to learn new skills and travel the world, so for me, it was certainly more than just a job, it was my life”.

Why Is It Important For The Businesses Community To Demonstrate Support For The British Armed Forces?

“I didn’t go into the rail sector straight after leaving the Army, I first went into the Automobile Industry with Jaguar Land Rover, I started out as a welder and then moved to another car company where I created paint jigs for different automobile pieces. I knew someone who worked weekends for SkyBlue and wanted to get into the rail sector from his experiences and recommendations, I quickly got skilled up and also started weekends whilst still working during the week, I shortly got offered a full-time role with SkyBlue and the rest is history”.

How Has RSSI Supported You In Your Journey?

“I started at RSSI, when they were known as Rail Safety Solutions, around 8 years ago. I was brought in to help, the then small company with my rail experience and managerial skills, as they started to expand and grow from just a Track Warning Systems company with limited contingent labour capabilities. The company has supported me with my expansion and growth as a Senior Rail Supervisor by giving me the training and opportunities I need to be the best on track, and the best in front of clients”.


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