Armed Forces Week Case Study: Brian Hopkinson

As part of Armed Forces Week 2019, we spoke to Brian Hopkinson to ask about leaving the military and adjusting to civilian life.

What Was Your Role Within The Armed Forces?

“I was a soldier in the 1st Royal Irish Inventory Regiment from 2001-2007, touring in Iraq, Northern Ireland and Botswana. When I signed off from the military I began my transition into civil life, working for Chasetown Civil Engineering for 4 years”.

What Are The Benefits of Joining The Reservists or Armed Forces?

“For me, it was a great way to start a career that really interested and engaged me, the skills learned in the Armed Forces are extremely valuable in all kinds of careers and industries during and after your services. To go into something as hands-on as the Army, and to learn those kinds of skills in a fast-paced and intense environment, really helps you focus your objectives and prioritise how to tackle problems”.

Why Is It Important For The Businesses Community To Demonstrate Support For The British Armed Forces?

“Absolutely, support for the Armed Forces has come on leaps and bounds in the last few decades, with schemes helping Soldiers with funded training or to help transition from the Armed Forces to start a civilian career directly with businesses. Organisations that partner with businesses are so valuable for Ex-Forces members because they are thrown into a different world when it comes to finding a new job and career, so any help or guidance is crucial”.

How Has RSSI Supported You In Your Journey?

“In February last year, I was offered the position of Rail Accounts Manager, where I have been ever since. RSS Infrastructure has provided me with an opportunity to advance my career, not only with the training provided whilst working on the tracks but by also giving me the chance to succeed within an office environment, which is an undoubtedly different role. I am proud of my career progression and I hope to carry on advancing within the company, knowing that RSSI will support me all the way”.

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