Bell Group

Bell Group
The support from INFRA Skills has made the process of upskilling Bell Group’s workforce, so that they can operate on the rail infrastructure, a lot smoother by enuring that the operatives are given the appropriate competencies and knowledge to work safely on site.

Thus far, 25 operatives from Bell Group’s Birmingham branch have taken and passed their PTS training through INFRA Skills.

“The company was able to adapt to Bell Groups schedule and offered them a competitively priced solution to meet their needs. The courses included the use of our state-of-the-art IT training suite, based in Birmingham. Our Trainers used their extensive industry experience to provide their personnel with an interactive experience that provided them with both the competence and safety expertise to enable them to meet the objectives of the project.”
Steve Cox
Quality Manager, INFRA Skills Ltd

Location: Birmingham

Bell Group is the largest dedicated commercial painting and decorating contractor in the UK, both in terms of their geographical coverage and their directly employed workforce. Bell Group provide industrial painting and maintenance services, which is supplied from their specialist teams located throughout the country.

All Bell Group staff are supported with their learning and development allowing them work on a variety of projects. Due to the nature of the works for West Midland Trains (formerly London Midland), it was imperative that they had Personal Track Safety qualifications. With the expansion of the team at Bell Group Birmingham and those delivering on the contract for West Midland Trains all operatives have to have Personal Track Safety qualifications – this was timely as others were due for renewal. Because of this requirement Bell Group contacted INFRA Skills Ltd to facilitate the booking for staff onto both Personal Track Safety Initial and Re-cert courses as well as their Industry Common Induction.

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