INFRA Skills Commitment To Railway Mental Health Charter

Railway Mental Health Charter

What is the Railway Mental Health Charter?

INFRA Skills has signed the Railway Mental Health Charter to promote the reduction of mental health stigma and improve workplace behaviours.

The Railway Mental Health Charter is a framework for rail businesses to use to promote, manage, and support the mental health of their employees. The charter, which is based on best practices and developed in response to industry demands, offers specific activities and tools for enhancing mental health in your organisation.

Why mental health is important

The rail business exposes employees to a variety of challenging working situations. Shift patterns, difficult expectations and working conditions, and exposure to potentially traumatic incidents are just a few of the factors that make mental health management in the sector so difficult. Companies must take an organised and evidence-based approach to managing mental health in their workplaces in order to appropriately support their employees.

Lee Woolcott-Ellis, Mental Health Lead Manager at Southeastern Railway, chose to design a mental health charter expressly for rail to expand on previous work and underline the industry’s commitment to promoting mental health in the workplace.

Lee Woolcott-Ellis commented:

“Over the past three years, at Southeastern we have actively and openly shared our mental health journey. The willingness to share with other organisations and learn from their actions has created an ideal opportunity for all parties involved to develop strategies and processes that are helping many colleagues. The RMHC is the next stage for this to happen.”

Richard Toy, CEO added:

“Our commitment to safety, people and our values shape our culture and work environment. We are proudly accredited by some of the UK’s most prestigious mental health orientated companies, so we are delighted to join one more and to be associated with RSSB’s Railway Mental Health Charter”.


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