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Armed Forces

INFRA Skills is proud to support the Armed Forces through the Armed Forces Covenant as part of the Auctus Management Group.

On November 11th, 2018, the centenary of World War One came to a close, and with it, we were reminded of the challenges that many of those who had served had as they returned home to their families and communities and began their journey back into civilian life. To begin this ‘redeployment,’ the UK government needed to put in place a strategy that would deliver on a never-before-seen scale.

Changing from Military to Civilian life

Men and women transitioning from military to civilian life today have excellent inter-personnel and leadership skills but face considerable challenges during their Military to Civilian Transition (MCT). Furthermore, ex-servicemen and women may suffer from stigmatised notions of army life or post-service trauma, both of which may harm their prospects. Auctus Management Group’s strategy for assisting military veterans in successfully reintegrating into civilian life is based on these insights.

Providing Expertise, Planning and Leadership

We recognised the tremendous benefits force personnel bring to our organisation early on as proactive employers. All servicemen and women have the option to obtain a range of qualifications and gain expertise that can readily be transferred to ‘civvy street.’ There is a skill base for every employer, ranging from administration and catering to technical, engineering, planning, management, and leadership. A common denominator we’ve discovered is that the employees’ work ethic and attitude are outstanding, which contributes to the organization’s culture and supports our teams’ mentoring.

Pledging Support to the Armed Forces Community

Over the last few years, the company has pledged its support for the Armed Forces Covenant and collaborated with the Armed Forces community to develop a training programme, mentoring and work experience programme, meaningful policies that provide significant benefits to those currently serving, raised thousands of pounds through fundraising, and worked with both clients and suppliers to help them get involved. The company received the Gold Armed Forces Covenant award for the Employer Recognition Scheme as a result of this contribution.

The Armed Forces Covenant is a commitment to help the Armed Forces community and their families continuously. It ensures that they are treated fairly and with respect in the community, economy, and society in which they have bravely served.

The covenant seeks to assist members of the Armed Forces community in a variety of areas, including education and family well-being, launching a career, and obtaining financial aid and subsidised services for healthcare.

Signing the Armed Forces Covenant

Businesses of all sizes, charitable organisations, local governments, public sector organisations, and single services can all sign the Armed Forces Covenant. We would like to invite all parts of our supply chain and customers to sign the covenant and support your reservists and veterans’ personnel by becoming a forces-friendly employer.

Employers can make a variety of promises and pledges to support their employees in the Armed Forces community, such as promoting the fact that they are an armed forces-friendly organisation, supporting the employment of veterans and service leaders, offering flexible leave for service spouses and partners, supporting reservist employees, and providing discounts to members of the Armed Forces community.

Armed Forces Champions

Auctus Management Group has Armed Force Champions to provide guidance and help on how to apply and how to align your business so that it becomes an attractive proposition for people leaving the military.

We are extremely proud of our relationship with the British Armed Forces and feel that signing the Covenant will have a significant impact on both businesses and members of the Armed Forces community.

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