INFRA Skills Nominated at Rail Partnership Awards

Rail Partnership Awards

INFRA Skills, a leading provider of rail training and construction training based in Birmingham, has achieved remarkable recognition at the highly acclaimed Rail Partnership Awards. The distinguished event, organized jointly by Network Rail and Rail Media, aims to honor organizations that have made significant contributions to enhancing the railway system. INFRA Skills and its sister company, RSS Infrastructure, have been shortlisted for two coveted categories: ‘SME of the Year’ and ‘Investing in People’. This achievement demonstrates INFRA Skills’ commitment to excellence, innovation, and fostering talent within the rail sector.

INFRA Skills’ Commitment to Excellence

INFRA Skills has proven its dedication to excellence and innovation across various award categories, including safety, sustainability, and community engagement. The company’s submission for the ‘SME of the Year’ award highlighted its pioneering initiatives, successful partnerships, and groundbreaking strategies aimed at driving progress in the railway industry. INFRA Skills’ tireless efforts to promote safety, bridge the skills gap, enhance productivity, and foster diversity align with Network Rail’s Strategic Business Plan and the demands of Control Period 6.

Investing in People

As a testament to its investment in people, INFRA Skills demonstrated how it develops individuals through talent nurturing, skills enhancement, apprenticeship schemes, training programs, and leadership competency building. By prioritizing the growth and development of its workforce, INFRA Skills ensures the delivery of top-quality training and assessments. The company’s trainers and management team, fully accredited and diverse in their experience, are committed to achieving exceptional training outcomes for all participants.

Impact and Future Partnerships

Richard Toy, CEO of INFRA Skills, expressed the significance of forging new partnerships that challenge conventional thinking and break down barriers in preparation for Control Period 6 and Network Rail’s Strategic Business Plan. The Rail Partnership Awards nominations for INFRA Skills and RSS Infrastructure exemplify their innovative approach, contributing to increased safety, reduced skills/age gap, improved productivity, and enhanced diversity within the railway sector. These initiatives will equip the industry to meet the rising demands placed on the infrastructure effectively.


INFRA Skills’ recognition at the Rail Partnership Awards reinforces its position as a leading training and assessment provider in the rail industry. Through their commitment to excellence, innovation, and investment in people, INFRA Skills continues to drive positive change and contribute to the advancement of the railway sector. By nurturing talent, fostering partnerships, and implementing groundbreaking initiatives, INFRA Skills is shaping the future of rail transportation in the United Kingdom.

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