Staff Raise Money for the Railway Children

Railway Children

Every year, thousands of children in the UK, India, and East Africa find themselves homeless or forced to leave their homes due to poverty, neglect, violence, and abuse. In their dire circumstances, they have nowhere to turn to, and often end up alone on the streets. Recognizing this critical issue, the Railway Children charity works tirelessly to seek out these vulnerable children, offering them refuge and a chance at a better life. To support this noble cause, RSS Infrastructure Ltd (RSSI) and INFRA Skills Ltd teamed up to participate in the groundbreaking fundraising event, “Raising Money for the Railway Children.”

The Railway Children: A Beacon of Hope

For over two decades, the Railway Children charity has been dedicated to reaching out to vulnerable children living on the streets, providing them with much-needed support and the opportunity for a brighter future. Their unwavering commitment has touched the lives of over 275,000 children in the UK, India, and East Africa. However, there are still millions of children at risk of abuse and exploitation, making organizations like the Railway Children crucial lifelines.

The First-Ever ‘Big Station Sleepout’

In a groundbreaking initiative, the Railway Children organized the inaugural ‘Big Station Sleepout,’ which took place simultaneously in four railway stations across the UK. On January 31, 2019, people from all over the country volunteered to spend a night at London Bridge Station, Liverpool Lime Street, Manchester Piccadilly, or Birmingham New Street to raise awareness and essential donations for the Railway Children.

RSSI and INFRA Skills: Swapping Comfort for a Cause

RSS Infrastructure Ltd and INFRA Skills Ltd joined forces to form a dedicated team that participated in the ‘Big Station Sleepout.’ The staff members from both organizations traded the comfort of their warm beds for a night on the floor of Birmingham’s Grand Central Station, all in the spirit of raising funds generously contributed by friends, family, and staff. Equipped with Bodyguard Workwear thermal jumpsuits, the team endured one of the coldest nights of the year. It was a powerful reminder that children face similar conditions every night, reinforcing the urgency of fundraising events like this.

A Remarkable Success: Exceeding Fundraising Goals

The ‘Big Station Sleepout’ proved to be an outstanding success, with RSSI and INFRA Skills raising over £700 for this worthy cause. The collective efforts of numerous participants allowed the Railway Children to double their initial fundraising target of £30,000, reaching an incredible £60,000. This substantial amount will play a pivotal role in providing essential support and protection to vulnerable children in the UK, India, and East Africa.

Making a Lasting Impact

Participating in events like ‘Raising Money for the Railway Children’ allows us to make a tangible difference in the lives of vulnerable children. The combined efforts of organizations like RSS Infrastructure Ltd and INFRA Skills Ltd, along with the unwavering dedication of the Railway Children, ensure that more children will receive the care, support, and security they need. Join us in our commitment to creating a better future for these deserving young individuals.

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