INFRA Skills Supports Road Safety Week

Road Safety Week

Road Safety Week, organized by Brake – the road safety charity, is the largest road safety event in the UK. INFRA Skills, a leading provider of rail and construction training, actively supports this initiative. With the goal of inspiring schools, organizations, and communities to prioritize road safety, INFRA Skills aims to promote life-saving messages and reduce the alarming number of preventable accidents on British roads.

Enhancing Worker Transportation Safety

RSS Infrastructure (RSSI), a member of the INFRA Skills group, has taken significant precautions to enhance worker transportation safety. In August 2019, they achieved the prestigious Driving For Better Business (DfBB) accreditation. By implementing advanced safety measures such as Vehicle Track System (VTS), monitored dash cameras, mobile phone app pre-check driver forms, and Fatigue Monitors, RSSI ensures compliance with legislation and guidance, reducing work-related road risks and associated costs.

Raising Seat Belt Awareness

Both RSSI and Network Rail have identified an industry-wide issue concerning passengers and drivers neglecting to use seat belts while in motion. In support of Network Rail’s efforts to raise awareness about seat belt usage, INFRA Skills and RSSI have introduced innovative seat belt covers. These covers, made from high-visibility material similar to Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE), serve as a visual reminder of the importance of seat belts. Their reflective properties not only increase visibility but also act as a powerful advertisement, encouraging wider usage and reducing injuries within the driving community.

Promoting Road Safety Initiatives

Road Safety Week provides a valuable opportunity to engage in discussions about the significance of road safety. INFRA Skills is committed to supporting organizations like ‘Brake’ in their mission to reduce the frequency of road accidents. By implementing proactive initiatives, INFRA Skills aims to create a safer community by emphasizing the importance of safe practices on the road.


INFRA Skills, in collaboration with RSSI and Network Rail, actively supports Road Safety Week, the largest road safety event in the UK. By promoting road safety initiatives, enhancing worker transportation safety, and raising seat belt awareness, INFRA Skills strives to make a significant impact in reducing preventable accidents on British roads. Join us in prioritizing road safety and creating a safer environment for everyone.

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