Addressing Skills Shortage in Rail and Construction Training

Skills Shortage

Skills Shortage is a pressing concern that requires immediate attention. Birmingham Council and INFRA Skills are actively addressing this issue by implementing strategic initiatives aimed at recruiting and training local individuals. These efforts not only contribute to driving the local economy but also create sustainable career paths for individuals seeking employment opportunities. This article explores the collaborative efforts of Birmingham Council and INFRA Skills in combatting the Skills Shortage and their impact on the community.

Driving Social Value and Local Engagement

Auctus Management Group (AMG), a values-led, safety critical company, recognizes the importance of Driving Social Value. To achieve this, they engage with various local groups, including local authorities, DWP, Job Centre Plus, Talent Match, and more. These partnerships enable AMG to recruit local people into training and sustained employment, thereby positively impacting the local economy. AMG also extends its support to ex-forces personnel and offers employment opportunities to ex-offenders, providing them with a second chance.

Success through Collaboration with DWP

AMG has built a robust relationship with the local Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). Through this collaboration, they have successfully employed 62 individuals sourced through the DWP, with 29 still working within the company and an additional 15 employed in the construction and rail industries. Remarkably, 70% of the applicants through DWP remain active in the job market within these industries. Furthermore, 24 individuals are currently undergoing training and are poised to enter the workforce upon completion, showcasing the effectiveness of the programs.

Expansion and Development in the West Midlands

The remarkable success of the programs has attracted the attention of the West Midlands Combined Authority. Impressed by the outcomes, they have approached AMG with an opportunity to expand their initiatives across the wider West Midlands region. As a result, three cohorts are ready to undergo training in the Wolverhampton area. This expansion highlights the scalability and replicability of the programs, making a significant impact on addressing the Skills Shortage beyond Birmingham.

Creating Sustainable Career Paths

AMG’s focus extends beyond initial recruitment and training. They are committed to managing individuals and assisting them in developing realistic and sustainable career paths. While acknowledging that some employees may pursue opportunities outside the company, AMG’s dedicationto the wider economic picture and the local community remains unwavering. This holistic approach ensures that employees receive the support needed to thrive in their chosen career paths, benefiting both the individuals and the local community.

Enhancing Workforce Diversity and Customer Relations

Through proactive local engagement, AMG strengthens its ability to secure a workforce with diverse talents and skill sets. This diversity enhances their capacity to assess and understand the unique needs of their current client base. Additionally, it opens doors to prospective customers that were previously inaccessible. By embracing diversity and inclusivity, AMG ensures their business is well-equipped to meet the demands of a dynamic market, fostering growth and success.


Birmingham Council and INFRA Skills, in collaboration with various local groups and organizations, are actively combating the Skills Shortage by recruiting and training local individuals. Their initiatives not only address the pressing issue but also drive the local economy and create sustainable career paths for employees. By fostering strong relationships, implementing successful programs, and prioritizing workforce diversity, Birmingham Council and INFRA Skills are leading the way in building a skilled workforce that meets the needs of the future.

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