PTS Medicals

INFRA Skills can carry out PTS Medicals (or Personal Track Safety Medicals) for workers in the rail sector. We are also RISQS-accredited to provide a Network Rail-compliant Drug & Alcohol (D&A) testing service.

INFRA Skills can carry out PTS Medicals with Drug & Alcohol Testing in just 45 minutes at our Training Centre in Birmingham or Nationwide for Groups of 10 or more.

Personal Track Safety (PTS) is a system of safer working practices used in the UK to protect railway workers who need to work on or near a railway line.

As defined by the railway safety standards NR/L2/CTM/021, the PTS Certificate is the minimum level for Network Rail track access. Anyone working on or near the line within Network Rail in the UK must have a PTS Certificate and a valid PTS Medical.

Why do you need a PTS Medical?

A PTS medical assesses a person’s ability to safely work in a track setting. It ensures that workers do not endanger themselves, coworkers, or members of the general public because of a pre-existing medical condition.

Both the PTS Certificate and the PTS medical are designed to keep rail workers safe. The PTS certificate makes them aware of their surroundings to avoid getting themselves into potentially dangerous situations. It also ensures that they may safely travel around the track area and react effectively to specific events (e.g. the train’s approach).

The PTS medical will ensure that rail workers have no medical conditions or are taking any medications that could result in sudden incapacity, loss of consciousness, dizziness, disability (mental or mobility-related), or hearing or vision problems. Each employee must also pass a strict drug and alcohol test to Network Rail standards.

What is included in a PTS Medical

Each candidate must fill out a medical questionnaire first. Depending on the results of the questionnaire, we will then do the following:

  • Assess your general health
  • Carry out a blood glucose test
  • Measure your blood pressure and pulse
  • Record height, weight and BMI
  • Assess the candidate’s mobility
  • Test visual acuity and colour vision
  • Test your hearing

What do you need to bring?

INFRA Skills will cancel the medical if any of the items listed below are not available on the appointment day. A new appointment will be required, and payment of the fee.

  • A valid Sentinel Card  (or your Sentinel Number)
  • Photo identification is required, such as a passport or photocard, a valid driver’s licence, a Sentinel Card, or a payslip
  • List any prescription (or over-the-counter) medications or drugs you’ve taken in the last 14 days
  • Glasses, if usually worn
If you have minor medical problems, you may still be awarded a PTS (e.g., wearing glasses or being colourblind). On the other hand, the Sentinel Card will have an indicator that will notify the Controller of Site Safety (COSS) of the person’s condition.

Zero-Tolerance of Drugs & Alcohol

Network Rail has a zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy. If you have a “Positive” (Fail) result on your drug and alcohol test and will withdraw your Sentinel Card. You will be barred from working on any Network Rail infrastructure for five years. The policy applies to both new employees and those who have worked in the rail industry for a long time.

How to book a PTS Medical

Call our head office in Birmingham on 0330 113 0006. You will be connected to a PTS Medical Coordinator who will help you determine your needs and confirm your appointment. They will also cover what to bring to your PTS medical.

You can also request an appointment via our enquiry form. Please expect a call from us within one working day.

If your enquiry is urgent, call 0330 113 0006 to speak to our Training Administration team