Welcome to INFRA Skills, your partner for top-tier training in the infrastructure sector. We empower professionals with essential skills to thrive in the dynamic landscape of rail and construction.

Empowering Infrastructure Professionals

INFRA Skills is dedicated to providing top-tier training and assessments for infrastructure professionals, ensuring they are productive, safe at work, and fully equipped to meet the demands of their roles.

The Current Landscape: Challenges and Opportunities

With significant projects like the Midland Metro, Crossrail, Thameslink, and the upcoming high-speed network, the UK’s infrastructure sector is bustling with activity. However, challenges such as Brexit, potential company relocations, and redundancies pose uncertainties. Over the next decade, the transport and construction sectors are set to undertake projects worth over £60 billion, including HS2, extensions to the West Midlands Metro, and the Commonwealth Games. This surge in projects demands a skilled workforce, which is currently limited and aging. Addressing this skills gap is crucial to ensure timely project delivery and maintain the UK’s competitive edge post-Brexit.

INFRA Skills’ Contribution

INFRA Skills has been instrumental in equipping rail personnel and businesses across the UK with the necessary skills for large-scale Network Rail projects. Our training ensures that workers are safe on-site, aligning with Network Rail’s commitment to safety. By investing in the community, businesses can fulfill their Corporate Social Responsibility and strengthen their government bids.

Addressing the Skills Shortage

The skills shortage stems from a decline in engineering functions, the introduction of new technologies, and a lack of diversity in the sector. To combat this, there’s a need to promote vocational routes in education, leading to the government’s renewed focus on T-levels and apprenticeships.

Partnering with Employers

Are you an employer aiming to upskill your team? Our national training is tailored to industry needs, ensuring your personnel are well-equipped to deliver projects efficiently. By investing in training, you not only enhance your team’s capabilities but also fulfill your corporate and social responsibilities.

About INFRA Skills

At INFRA Skills, our commitment to excellence is unwavering. With a team of accredited trainers and a diverse management team, we guarantee the best training outcomes for all participants.

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