Big Rail Diversity Challenge

Big Rail Diversity Challenge

Equality, diversity, and inclusion have always been the driving forces behind RSS INFRASTRUCTURE (RSS) Ltd’s business strategy. As a leading provider of infrastructure services in the UK, RSS is dedicated to fostering a creative and innovative environment by embracing a diverse range of talent. To meet the country’s productivity and infrastructure targets in the next five years, initiatives like the Women in Rail’s “Big Rail Diversity Challenge” play a vital role in transforming industry perceptions and breaking down traditional gender stereotypes.

Promoting Diversity in the Rail Industry

In 2016, Women in Rail initiated the “Big Rail Diversity Challenge,” which has since grown significantly in size and impact. This event serves as a platform to improve diversity within the UK rail industry, offering networking opportunities and support to all women in the sector. By encouraging companies and stakeholders to adopt diversity as a core business strategy, this initiative aims to position rail as an attractive career choice for young people while challenging the notion that certain tasks are exclusively for men or women. The broadening of roles within the industry enhances business processes, inspires a new generation of leaders, and establishes a lasting legacy based on respect and appreciation for individual differences.

The Importance of Gender Equality

Adeline Ginn, Founder of Women in Rail, emphasizes that the Big Rail Diversity Challenge is a crucial step in the rail industry’s agenda. By actively engaging both men and women, it dispels the myth that effective collaboration is limited by gender. By promoting gender balance, the challenge fosters a more attractive, productive, and successful industry.

RSS’s Participation in the Challenge

This year, RSS will proudly participate in the “Big Rail Diversity Challenge.” Joining forces with other companies, RSS aims to network, support Women in Rail, and contribute to the overall goal of achieving a more diverse workforce. By actively participating in this event, RSS demonstrates its commitment to promoting equality and embracing diversity.


The “Big Rail Diversity Challenge” is a transformative initiative in the UK rail industry. By uniting professionals and breaking down gender barriers, it promotes inclusivity, creativity, and innovation. Together, we can create a rail industry that thrives on diversity, positioning it as a sector that welcomes everyone, regardless of their background or gender.

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