Cembre Donation Supports OLE Training Programme

Cembre Tools Donated to OLE Training Programme

Cembre, a leading provider in the electrotechnical industry, has made a remarkable contribution to the OLE (Overhead Line Engineering) training programme at INFRA Skills. Their generous donation of £20,000 worth of specialist tools will play a crucial role in equipping the next generation of overhead line engineers with cutting-edge knowledge and techniques. This article explores the impact of Cembre’s support and sheds light on the OLE training programme’s significance at INFRA Skills.

Cembre Supports OLE Training Programme

Cembre’s commitment to advancing the railway sector is evident through their collaboration with INFRA Skills. The donated specialist tools will be utilized in the OLE training sessions conducted at the NCATI site in Birmingham. By providing these tools, Cembre ensures that aspiring overhead line engineers receive top-notch training, enabling them to stay updated with the latest industry practices.

OLE Training Span in Birmingham

INFRA Skills, in partnership with NCATI, has set up an exclusive OLE span in Birmingham. This purpose-built training area allows INFRA Skills to deliver a comprehensive OLE Training Programme. Senior OLE Trainer Neil Litchfield has worked closely with Steven Morley, General Manager of INFRA Skills, to develop a training curriculum that empowers and nurtures the next generation of OLE specialists.

Enabling Safe and Effective OLE Operations

Richard Toy, CEO of Auctus Management Group, expresses his appreciation for the high-quality training provided by NCATI. Cembre’s generous donation further enhances the training’s effectiveness, enabling more OLE operatives to work safely and efficiently on OLE networks. The installation of the OLE span, made possible by NCATI, grants INFRA Skills exclusive access to a state-of-the-art facility, attracting OLE operatives from across the United Kingdom.

Popular and Innovative OLE Training Programme

INFRA Skills’ OLE training programme, delivered at NCATI, has gained significant popularity among employers. With its comprehensive curriculum, the programme caters to apprentices, experienced track workers, and OLE operatives. By acquiring the latest skills and knowledge, track-based staff can confidently and effectively work on OLE networks, contributing to a safer and more productive rail industry.

NCATI & INFRA Skills Partnership

Ian Fitzpatrick, Principal of NCATI, expresses gratitude for Cembre’s generous support, acknowledging the immense value of their £20,000 specialist tool donation. The OLE training programme at INFRA Skills, made possible by this collaboration, plays a crucial role in training overhead line engineers. Cembre’s expertise in the electrotechnical industry, coupled with INFRA Skills’ commitment to delivering high-quality training, ensures the next generation of OLE engineers receives the best possible preparation for their careers.

Supporting the Next Generation of OLE Engineers

Sam Turrell, Sales Engineer at Cembre, applauds the initiatives taken by NCATI and INFRA Skills to train a new generation of OLE engineers. Recognizing the evolving nature of the OLE industry, Cembre’s contribution guarantees that future OLE engineers have access to the most up-to-date tools, information, and methods. Generous contributions from Amey Rail, Unipart Rail, and Colas Rail have also played a vital role in establishing the OLE training area, fostering the growth of skills within the rail industry.

Learn More

To explore more about NCATI or INFRA Skills’ OLE training programmes, visit ncati.ac.uk or infraskills.co.uk. For detailed information about Cembre’s railway tools, visit cembre.com. If you’re interested in INFRA Skills Courses, call 0330 113 0004 or visit infraskills.co.uk/courses.


Cembre’s invaluable contribution of £20,000 worth of specialist tools to INFRA Skills is transforming the OLE training programme and shaping the future of overhead line engineers. By fostering collaboration with NCATI and other rail industry leaders, INFRA Skills ensures that track-based staff are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to work safely and effectively on OLE networks. Cembre’s support underscores their commitment to the railway sector’s growth and the development of the next generation of OLE engineers.

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