Authorised Person Initial

Course Type: Class

Duration: 3 days

Cost : £350 per delegate


The course aims to teach delegates how to decide and carryout their roles and responsibilities when performing Level B (Authorised)person’s duties and ensure that they are entirely aware of the dangers that canarise when performing these activities.


Successful completion of this course does not imply that the delegate is permitted to perform Level B (Authorised) person’s duties unless they are under the direct supervision of a mentor during their probationary period and have been assessed as competent to do so by a licenced assessor in accordance with NR/L2/CTM/014.
The successful completion of this course can be used as evidence of competence to reach the NR/L2/CTM/014 level requirements.
Upon successful completion, competences will be uploaded to the Sentinel database by our training administration team.


This course aims to teach Level B (Authorised) people how to achieve isolations on AC OLE in their daily work while working under the direction of a Level A (Nominated) person.
It is intended to improve a person’s knowledge, understanding, and skills in the areas indicated in the competency standards below. It is well suited to individuals who must demonstrate proficiency in these areas.
OLE 13 Manually Switch Electrical Supply to OLE to Meet Defined Requirements
OLE 14 Test and Earth OLE to Meet Defined Isolation Requirements
OLE 15 Contribute to Minimising Risks When Working On or Near to Live OLE
OLE 17 Object Removal from the OLE

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