Drug & Alcohol Testing and Medical

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Our pre-employment Drug & Alcohol (D&A) and Medical screenings are available to all employers across the UK. With a dedicated team spearheaded by our in-house Occupational Health Nurse, we ensure the highest screening standards. Notably, we offer services in line with the Network Rail Standard, acknowledging the unique alcohol limits set by the Railway Group Standard, which might differ from government standards.
Drug & Alcohol Testing and Medical with INFRA Skills
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Aims & Objectives

The rail sector strictly enforces a zero-tolerance policy towards working under the influence of drugs or alcohol. All personnel looking to work on the Network Rail Infrastructure must undergo a Drugs and Alcohol Screening before receiving primary sponsorship and can expect random tests throughout their tenure. The overarching goal is to maintain an environment that staunchly prioritises safety. This directly supports the crucial safety principle: ‘Never work or drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol’. Our RISQS-approved Medical Screenings aim to assess an individual’s fitness to work, ensuring that no underlying medical condition poses an increased risk to themselves or others. These screenings encompass a general health questionnaire, audiometry, vision tests, and a physical evaluation assessing mobility, balance, and coordination.


Post the Drugs and Alcohol screening, the candidate’s results are sent to a laboratory for detailed analysis. The results are typically available between 2-4 working days post-test. Once these results are available, our nurse will upload them. Following a Medical Review, our nurse will provide feedback to the candidate, detailing whether they have passed. If the candidate does not pass, our nurse will offer guidance on potential areas of concern and suggest possible resolutions. Successful results will be uploaded to Sentinel by our nurse.

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When applicable, once you successfully complete your course or assessment, a member of our staff will update your competency in the Sentinel system. You can order your Sentinel smart cards directly from Sentinel at www.railsentinel.co.uk. Please note that this will incur an additional cost which you will be responsible for covering.

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