INFRA Skills Commitment To Railway Mental Health Charter

Railway Mental Health Charter

INFRA Skills, a renowned training and construction company based in Birmingham, is proud to announce its commitment to promoting the Railway Mental Health Charter. This groundbreaking charter aims to reduce mental health stigma and improve workplace behaviors within the rail industry. By signing this charter, INFRA Skills exemplifies its dedication to supporting the well-being of its employees and fostering a mentally healthy work environment.

Understanding the Railway Mental Health Charter

The Railway Mental Health Charter serves as a comprehensive framework for rail businesses to promote, manage, and support the mental health of their employees. Developed in response to industry demands and based on best practices, this charter provides specific activities and tools that organizations can implement to enhance mental health within their workplaces. INFRA Skills is wholeheartedly embracing this charter to ensure the well-being of its workforce.

The Significance of Mental Health in the Rail Industry

Working in the rail sector exposes employees to various challenging situations, including demanding shift patterns, high expectations, difficult working conditions, and potential exposure to traumatic incidents. Consequently, effectively managing mental health within this industry becomes crucial. To provide appropriate support to their employees, companies must adopt an organized and evidence-based approach towards mental health management.

Lee Woolcott-Ellis: Pioneering the Mental Health Charter

Lee Woolcott-Ellis, the Mental Health Lead Manager at Southeastern Railway, has been instrumental in designing a mental health charter specifically tailored for the rail industry. By building upon previous efforts and emphasizing the industry’s commitment to promoting mental health in the workplace, Lee Woolcott-Ellis aims to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration among organizations. This collaborative approach has created an ideal opportunity for developing strategies and processes that benefit rail industry employees.

INFRA Skills’ Commitment and Recognition

Richard Toy, CEO of INFRA Skills, affirms the company’s commitment to safety, people, and their organizational values. As a testament to their dedication, INFRA Skills is proudly accredited by esteemed mental health-oriented companies in the UK. By signing the Railway Mental Health Charter, INFRA Skills strengthens its association with RSSB’s (Rail Safety and Standards Board) visionary initiative, further solidifying their commitment to mental health in the rail industry.

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INFRA Skills’ signing of the Railway Mental Health Charter demonstrates their proactive stance towards addressing mental health challenges in the rail industry. By prioritizing the well-being of their employees and promoting a supportive work environment, INFRA Skills leads the way in fostering positive change. Through this commitment, INFRA Skills aims to reduce stigma, enhance workplace behaviors, and contribute to the overall betterment of the rail industry.

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