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Armed Forces

INFRA Skills, as part of the Auctus Management Group, is dedicated to supporting the Armed Forces community through the Armed Forces Covenant. We recognize the challenges faced by men and women transitioning from military to civilian life and aim to provide expertise, planning, and leadership to assist in their successful reintegration.

Transitioning from Military to Civilian Life

Transitioning from military to civilian life can be a daunting process. However, military veterans possess exceptional inter-personnel and leadership skills that are highly valuable. At INFRA Skills, we acknowledge these skills and offer a range of qualifications and expertise transferable to civilian careers. Whether it’s administration, catering, technical roles, engineering, planning, management, or leadership, we appreciate the outstanding work ethic and attitude of our employees, which contributes to our organization’s culture.

Pledging Support through the Armed Forces Covenant

INFRA Skills has made a significant commitment to the Armed Forces community by pledging support through the Armed Forces Covenant. In collaboration with the Armed Forces community, we have developed a comprehensive training program, mentoring and work experience opportunities, and meaningful policies that provide substantial benefits to current service members. Through fundraising efforts and working with clients and suppliers, we have raised thousands of pounds and actively engaged in supporting the Armed Forces. Our contribution has been recognized with the Gold Armed Forces Covenant award for the Employer Recognition Scheme.

The Importance of the Armed Forces Covenant

The Armed Forces Covenant is a commitment to ensuring fair and respectful treatment of the Armed Forces community in society. It covers various areas of support, including education, family well-being, career launch, and access to financial aid and subsidized services for healthcare. Businesses of all sizes, charitable organizations, local governments, public sector organizations, and single services can sign the Armed Forces Covenant.

Becoming a Forces-Friendly Employer

We invite all parts of our supply chain and customers to join us in signing the Armed Forces Covenant and becoming forces-friendly employers. By signing, employers can make promises and pledges to support their employees in the Armed Forces community. This includes promoting themselves as armed forces-friendly organizations, supporting the employment of veterans and service leaders, offering flexible leave for service spouses and partners, and providing discounts to members of the Armed Forces community.

Armed Forces Champions

Auctus Management Group has dedicated Armed Forces Champions available to provide guidance on how to apply and align businesses to become attractive propositions for individuals leaving the military. INFRA Skills is immensely proud of our relationship with the British Armed Forces, and signing the Armed Forces Covenant will have a positive impact on both businesses and members of the Armed Forces community.

Signing the Armed Forces Covenant

To find out more about signing the Armed Forces Covenant, please visit or email


INFRA Skills, in partnership with the Auctus Management Group, remains committed to supporting the Armed Forces community. By signing the Armed Forces Covenant, we aim to ensure that members of the Armed Forces and their families receive fair treatment, respect, and valuable support. Join us in making a difference and helping military veterans transition into civilian life successfully.

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