INFRA Skills Support ‘My Whole Self’ Day

At INFRA Skills, we believe that individuals should bring their entire selves to work, irrespective of their cultural background, ethnicity, sexuality, or health. By empowering employees to embrace their ‘whole self’ at work, we can foster deeper connections and enhance collaboration, whether working remotely or in person. As more organizations adopt remote work, these human connections are more important than ever. ‘My Whole Self’ Day, an initiative by Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England, aims to strengthen virtual relationships and provide guidance for individuals experiencing anxiety, disconnectedness, or social isolation.

Creating an Inclusive Culture

High-performing workplaces prioritize support and inclusivity. By placing diversity and inclusion at the core of mental health and wellbeing, employers can cultivate a culture where employees feel comfortable being themselves. This sense of belonging enhances engagement, encourages bold thinking, facilitates finding common ground, and promotes effective teamwork. According to Google’s Aristotle study, one of the key elements for exceptional team performance is ‘psychological safety.’ To achieve this, a work environment that allows individuals to be authentic and showcase their ‘whole self’ is essential.

The My Whole Self Campaign

The My Whole Self campaign, spearheaded by MHFA England, urges organizations to empower their employees to bring their authentic selves to work, both online and offline. By embracing this mindset, individuals can experience improved wellbeing while contributing to a thriving business environment.

Supporting Virtual Connections

Remote work can be isolating, making it crucial to strengthen virtual relationships. As partof the first phase of My Whole Self, INFRA Skills emphasizes online activities and provides guidance to support employees who may be feeling anxious, disconnected, or socially isolated. By actively fostering these connections, organizations can ensure their employees feel supported and engaged, leading to enhanced productivity and satisfaction.


Infra Skills stands alongside Mental Health First Aid England in supporting ‘My Whole Self’ Day, advocating for individuals to bring their authentic selves to work. By prioritizing wellbeing, promoting inclusivity, and fostering virtual connections, organizations can create a thriving work environment where employees feel valued and supported. Embrace the power of being your ‘whole self’ to drive personal growth and contribute to a successful business.

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