INFRA Skills Show Support For World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day

INFRA Skills proudly extends its support for World Mental Health Day, an important occasion that allows us to shed light on mental health and challenge the associated stigma. This year’s theme, ‘Suicide and Suicide Prevention,’ highlights the urgency to encourage open discussions and provide assistance to those in need. With over 800,000 lives lost annually to suicide worldwide, we must foster an environment where vulnerability is met with understanding.

Promoting Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention:

1. Alarming Suicide Rates Among Men

The UK witnesses a distressing rise in suicide cases, especially among individuals aged 20 to 34, where it has become the leading cause of death. Men are disproportionately affected, reflecting the need to address societal attitudes towards mental health. Join us in supporting the ‘Time to Change’ movement, dedicated to improving behaviors and perceptions related to mental well-being.

2. Combating Rail Suicide

The rail industry faces a significant challenge concerning suicide, with 279 rail-related suicides in the UK during 2018/2019. Network Rail has taken commendable steps to tackle this issue through its Rail Suicide Prevention Program, and INFRA Skills stands alongside them, contributing through workplace initiatives. Together, we strive to create a safe working environment and ensure timely intervention for vulnerable individuals.

3. Addressing Mental Health in the Workplace

Considering that the average person spends around 1,800 hours at work each year, it is crucial to prioritize employee well-being. Fatigue resulting from long working hours can compromise performance, safety, and overall well-being. At INFRA Skills, we have implemented a fatigue monitoring system to identify concerns and prevent rostering workers to shifts that exceed safe limits. Our dedication to safety extends to providing safe transportation to worksites and investing in personnel well-being.

4. Establishing a Supportive Wellbeing Network

INFRA Skills recognizes the significance of a strong support system in promoting mental well-being. Within the ‘INFRA Family,’ we have established a Wellbeing Network comprising volunteers who have undergone Mental Health First Aid training. Equipped with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills, these ‘Wellbeing Champions’ serve as the first line of defense for individuals experiencing mental distress. They foster awareness, offer support, and promote a culture of well-being throughout the organization.

Supporting NR’s Suicide Prevention Programme

While rail suicide rates have risen in recent years, so have the efforts to prevent such tragedies. Network Rail reports a 33% increase in suicide preventions. INFRA Skills, along with Auctus Management Group and its subsidiary businesses, supports NR’s Suicide Prevention Programme through dedicated well-being initiatives. Together, we work towards the government’s target of reducing suicides by 10% in 2020/2021.

Conclusion: World Mental Health Day serves as a reminder of the significance of mental health and the importance of destigmatizing it. INFRA Skills remains committed to fostering mental well-being, promoting suicide prevention, and creating a supportive work environment. Join us in our efforts to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals by prioritizing mental health and supporting those in need.

Additional Information on World Mental Health Day

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There are several organisations and support helplines available if you need advice or assistance with your own or someone else’s mental health.

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