Apprenticeship Success Story: Jodie Watkins

Jodie Watkins Case Study

Jodie Watkins, an inspiring success story, found her passion for the rail industry through specialized training with INFRA Skills. Discover how Jodie’s journey unfolded and how she thrived in her new career path.

Uncovering a New Path

Jodie always preferred a hands-on approach to work but had never considered the rail industry as a potential career. However, after learning more about it from acquaintances with firsthand experience, she discovered an apprenticeship scheme offered by INFRA Skills. Recognizing the interactive teaching style suited her learning preferences, she saw this as a fantastic opportunity for a fresh start.

The Apprenticeship Journey

In 2014, Jodie enrolled in the Level 2 Railway Engineering Apprenticeship, delivered by INFRA Skills. Despite leaving school without qualifications, she faced the challenge of completing her Level 2 Maths and English certification. Fortunately, INFRA Skills provided ample support to ensure her success.

Jodie’s confidence soared during the apprenticeship as she developed strong relationships with her peers. Her progress was rapid, and she continuously acquired new knowledge throughout the program.

Blending Classroom and On-Site Learning

One of the key benefits for Jodie was the combination of classroom learning and practical experience. As a hands-on learner, the on-track exercises proved most valuable. The program’s duration allowed Jodie to absorb information at her own pace, preventing her from feeling overwhelmed. Jodie reflects, “The experience I gained from my apprenticeship provided me with a solid knowledge foundation, instilling confidence in my new role when I started working on track.”

Professional Advancement

Upon completing her apprenticeship, Jodie joined the Track Warning Services (TWS) Division at RSS Infrastructure (RSS). Within the team, she rapidly advanced, acquiring various competencies such as LOWS Operative, LOWS Lookout, ATWS Installer, and SATWAS Controller.

Jodie finds immense satisfaction in her work at the TWS department, particularly due to the opportunities for global travel. Although demanding, the work is rewarding, and Jodie aspires to progress to the role of Senior Technician in the future.

Recognition and Bright Prospects

Dave Hodkinson, the Delivery Manager for TWS, acknowledgesthe importance of upskilling and career growth within their department. He praises Jodie’s swift development, constantly expanding her list of high-level competencies. Jodie has become an integral part of the team, and her future within TWS looks promising.


Jodie Watkins’s success story exemplifies the transformative power of apprenticeships. Through INFRA Skills’ comprehensive training, Jodie discovered her passion, gained confidence, and forged a successful career in the rail industry. Her journey inspires others to pursue their dreams and unlock their full potential.

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