Shaun and Nichola O’Grady Case Study

Shaun and Nichola O'Grady case study

The West Midlands Metro revitalization project has brought about exciting opportunities and positive outcomes for the local community. One such success story is the remarkable journey of Shaun and Nichola O’Grady, a dedicated husband and wife team. Join us as we delve into their unique partnership and their contributions to the expansion of the West Midlands Metro.

A Promising Venture with RSS Infrastructure

Shaun and Nichola O’Grady were recently recruited by RSS Infrastructure, a prominent player in the construction industry. Tasked with constructing steel cages for the expansion project led by the Midland Metro Alliance, this dynamic duo embarked on their latest venture. Their primary objective was to raise the platform in preparation for the upcoming concrete work.

A Journey of Growth and Expertise

What sets Shaun and Nichola apart is their unwavering commitment to honing their skills. Nichola, initially unfamiliar with the steel fixing trade, seized the opportunity to join Shaun after a colleague’s unexpected absence. With the guidance of an exceptional mentor, she quickly discovered her natural talent. Earning her CSCS card and completing an NVQ Level 2, Nichola proved her mettle and cemented her place in the industry.

Travelling the Country, Building Success

The open road and a shared passion for their craft lead Shaun and Nichola to project sites across the UK. Their collaboration extended to significant undertakings, such as constructing cages for the Bet365 Headquarters in Stoke-on-Trent under McGinley’s supervision. As the sole steel fixers on-site, they diligently crafted up to five cages each day, contributing to the project’s success over a span of six to seven months.

The Art of Adaptability

With a wealth of experience, Shaun and Nichola possess an extensive knowledge of materials and techniques vital to tackle any construction project. Their ability to think ahead and adapt plans when necessary is one of their greatest strengths. Their exceptional problem-solving skills ensure the cages they construct are always fit for purpose, making them a sought-after team in the industry.

Work-Life Balance

Despite their professional partnership, Shaun and Nichola understand the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. After each shift, they separate work matters from their personal life. Like any other couple, they cherish quality time together when not immersed in their projects, creating a harmonious blend of work and relaxation.


Shaun and Nichola O’Grady’s journey showcases the transformative power of dedication and collaboration. Their contributions to the West Midlands Metro expansion project and their remarkable ability to overcome challenges make them an inspiring example within the rail construction industry.

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