Ellis Robinson Case Study

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We spoke with Ellis Robinson about the Construction Gateway, which was a great way to put the talents and experiences he’d gained while serving in the military to good use.

What were you doing before you started on the Construction Gateway?

I joined the Armed Forces where I served in the Mercian Regiment as a Front-Line Infantry Solider, completing a tour of Afghanistan in 2013/2014. After serving for 4 years, I left the British Army and found myself needing to find a new career.

I had been contemplating working within the rail industry before joining the Armed Forces, but eventually decided to follow a different path. When I heard about the Construction Gateway it seemed like a great way to utilise the skills and experiences I already had from working within the Forces, and use them to gain employment.

How did you find the training with INFRA Skills?

The programme was set up over a 4-week period, made up of many rail and construction competencies specifically chosen to give you the vital skills needed to begin working within infrastructure.

I really enjoyed the training, especially the practical aspects of the course including; Track Induction and Small Tools.My trainer Paul Geddes made the programme really enjoyable and interesting, using his own experiences of working within the rail industry to expand our knowledge and understanding.

What are you doing now?

I completed the programme and started working for a Birmingham-based rail recruitment company, using the skills and competencies gained from my training with INFRA Skills.

Taking my experiences from the Armed Forces, I have found that working within the rail industry, functions in a similar way. The structure of the workforce is similar to that of the Forces, being very regimented and disciplined. I find it links closely to how I worked previously, reminding me of the ranking system within the Army.

What are your plans for the future?

My long-term plan has always been to get a degree, and I am going to be starting Open University in October to study ‘Philosophy and Psychology’. I have always been interested in this field of work, and I know there will be lots of opportunities for me in the future.

I am going to continue working in rail whilst I am completing my studies, as the nature of the work allows me to complete shifts during the nights and on weekends, fitting around my education.

Would you recommend the Construction Gateway to other Armed Forces veterans?

I would definitely recommend this training programme to people in my position, especially for those who worked within the private ranks. The transition between the two industries has been made much easier because of the similarities I have found between them, and this has helped me adapt back into working civilian life.

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